Marisol Rubio


Julie Payne Neward


Marisol and Julie met back in 2018 at a coffee shop in Northern California. They were connected by a mutual friend who knew that their energy and passion for disability advocacy could lead to positive change. 

Marisol is a single-mother to an adult woman with disabilites knows what it takes to run a household and care for a child who has needs greater than most. Marisol advocates for caregiver support and wants to make sure that caregiving is treated as a profession and a job that can provide a living and provide security for her daughter. 

Julie is an older sister to a woman with disabilities who is a survivor of sexual assault, at a daytime outside caregiving program. Natalie's civil case was settled and the system hasn't changed. Her criminal case is still open. The system failed to protect her sister and justice has not been served. 

Together they want to change the system for the benefit of Californians and those across the nation,  with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and their loving caregivers.

We ask you to join us.